WHAT ABOUT SECURITY?  Entry doors are locked at all times at 51 Main Street, and Emerald Court. Intercoms connect to each apartment, and will unlock to admit visitors. All of our units have passed the City of Keene’s Voluntary Housing and Safety Inspection Program.


We do accept Financial Aid. Click here for Financial Aid Amendment to Lease Agreement


• Your social life is important, but if the level of noise is heard in the hall, or produces neighbor complaints, it is too loud. We will act quickly to defend the rights of the other tenants, and protect our building.

• All leases are 6 or 12 month leases and begin in January, June, July and in August. Contact us for Pricing and Availability. Leases may not be terminated early. Every lease is to be signed by a parent as Guarantor.

• The Security Deposit is to cover damages, late fees, and non-performance. If you comply with the terms of the lease, it should be refunded to you in full at the end of the term. It is not the First or Last month rent.


Our Emerald Street laundromat is open daily from 7AM to 10PM and is a 5 minute walk to Keene State College. Located at 50-72 Emerald St. in Keene, the building has full surveillance, as well.

 Safe, Secure Housing

We have a full-time support staff for our rental properties. We take the responsibility of providing safe, well-maintained housing very seriously. 

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 Keene Community

Our rental units are located within walking distance to the many stores, restaurants, and culture of our beautiful city. We have compiled a list of some of Keene’s attractions.

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Maintenance Request Form

Our primary goal is to help make your life easier. When renting one of our properties, we want to take care of the problem as soon as it occurs!

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Emerald Court Laundromat is within walking distance to all of our rentals. Within 5 minutes to the College. Located at 50-72 Emerald St. in Keene.

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